The Pandemic is Cancelled

The people have spoken, and they’re always right, right?

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The most dangerous thing in the world right now is the person who believes that they know more than a scientist.

I understand wanting the quarantine to be over. This year feels like the year where nothing happened. A typical summer for me would have included travel to visit my family back East. But that was canceled because some of my relatives are expecting, and traveling across the country would put them at unnecessary risk. I could have been selfish and went anyway. My need for normal outweighing their right to a well-born child, but I decided to think about others.

I’m don’t like to play Russian Roulette for a reason, because in the end, someone almost always dies. And that death is always unnecessary.

The knowledge of that fact gives me pause and it boggles my mind right now how parents could be so adamant that their children have to go back to school. I understand people have to go back to work and earn a living. I get it. I know we have to pay for all the stuff we thought we needed and couldn’t afford. I understand that no one told us we had to play the what-if game and plan for a global pandemic in addition to funding our IRAs for a rainy day. And yet, here we are. We’re all trying to do our best and be global citizens. But are we really?

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