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Michelle Elizabeth

All of the things I wish I would have known in my twenties that would have made life easier.

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Things I learned about life

1. The power of no will change your life. It’s okay to say no when you don’t want to do something. The old saying that all we have to do is pay taxes and die is so true. …

Achieving what you want might not be as hard as it seems.

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I was recently in a writing contest where the prize was $20,000.00. Of course, a sum of that magnitude is going to generate a ton of entries. But that didn’t stop me from thinking that I was…

A short story

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I watched him from inside of my Honda on that bitter cold winter afternoon and I wondered why he would linger. He dropped the packages on the porch and then appeared to inspect a window. Then he turned around and before he walked back…

Everything a book on writing won’t show you.

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1 book + a little magic = endless possibilities

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Normally, I don’t notice people on the train. Usually, I have my headphones on listening to my favorite podcast, Lore. I guess what caught my attention…

And it saved us from the brink of divorce.

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We didn’t start with the idea of taking a gap year. Our marriage wasn’t working. And if I’m honest about it, we hadn’t been us for years. …

A story about a woman living a double life. Warning: Explicit language and violence.

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I surveyed my backpack for the most important items.

Rope, check.

Tape, check.

Sleeping pills, check.

Mallet, check.

I grabbed the black Jansport backpack and added a few new things that recently appealed to me, I didn’t know if I would use them, but the idea that they…

Before you tar and feather me, take a moment and read.

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Black people are more than a twenty-eight-day blip that starts with slavery and ends with the Civil Rights Movement. …

Understand first, love second.

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All I need is understanding
A desire
To know the real me
The person I don’t have to hide
In fear of not being understood

I wish people could see just me
I’m a good friend to the few I have
I’m loyal to those who don’t deserve my loyalty
I’ll love you until you break my heart
And then I’ll cry over the broken pieces
That never fully get mended.

I’m silly
I play with words and ideas
The way little kids build with Legos
I leave pieces of me, everywhere
I’m smart
I can finish an anecdote about Lucy
Throwing in her scientific name…

Michelle Elizabeth


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